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Maggi Heilweil is one of Fairfield County’s premier vocal instructors for teens and adults – from beginners to professional singers.


What can you count on from Maggi Heilweil as a teacher?

  • Creativity and intuition. This is a key ingredient in her teaching.  Maggi is fully present in the moment and never teaches in a rote fashion.   She responds to her students as individuals with their own particular personality, learning style and goals.
  • Thorough and detailed training.  Maggi is very specific in her teaching. She works with students on all elements of vocal technique so they sing properly and maintain their vocal health for the long term.
  • Appropriate Repertoire. Maggi chooses songs that will helps students grow both vocally and as a performer.  She has a thorough knowledge of the Italian, German, French and English classical song repertoire and opera as well as the musical theater and standards repertoire.
  • A nurturing and inspiring personality.  Maggi is a warm, funny and caring person.  She creates a supportive and nurturing learning environment so students can explore their talent and learn comfortably.  
  • Artistry. Maggi works with students on acting the text and communicating the song through their own personality and experience. 

What sets Maggi apart from many other voice teachers?

  • She has experience, both as a performer and learner, in the classical AND non classical realm.
  • Advanced students have told her she is the most exacting teacher about proper vocal technique they have ever had.
  • Learning how to practice effectively is emphasized in the lessons and is an important aspect in her voice instruction.
  • Maggi draws upon many years of vocal study and her exploration of connected disciplines in her approach to teaching including The Alexander Technique , Corporate communications skills, yoga,  positive visualization, mind and body connection, breath work and relaxation methods.

Who are Maggi's students?

  • School age students
    Her goal is to give her students a solid foundation of good singing that they can take into their lives no matter what they do.  Some students never go beyond their high school voice study, but they have achieved a confidence and self esteem from taking lessons that is invaluable. 

    Preparing students for auditions is important. Finding the right repertoire and making sure they are thoroughly prepared is crucial. Many of her students have been accepted to highly competitive University vocal programs and have been cast as leads in school musicals. 

  • Professional Singers
    Her many years of teaching gives her a depth of knowledge to use in working with people advanced singers and musicians.
  • Adult novices
    One of Maggi's favorite adult voice students was a retired postal worker a recluse in his 60’s. He joined the church choir, sang at nursing homes and became the soloist to sing the Star Spangled banner at the town parades and other events.  She believes singing added extra years to his life and that no one is too old to take voice lessons.

  • Adult returnees
    Middle aged students who have sung professionally or were active singers in high school and college return to study voice with renewed motivation and joy.

    With the girls
    Maggi with students at a 2017 recital


“Maggi gives you a solid foundation in classical technique… she can take you into just about any musical direction you want to go.  It is great to have a teacher who is flexible, and who actually enjoys different genres… Maggi is a fantastic role model for young people. Sally thrived on Maggi’s honest evaluations and goal-setting… We LOVE and appreciate Maggi!"

Mother of a high school student.


“I've always dreamed of being one of your students, and actually being one exceeded all my expectations. First of all, my voice has never felt better. You are the best thing that ever happened to my voice…I feel like I am going to college with a much more healthy foundation, and genuinely looking forward to improving…You have such a beautiful openness... I never once felt judged or afraid to say what was really going on. Your presence was soothing to me.” 

Former student, now on Broadway.


“I always tell people who ask about Jennifer’s training that she had the very best of the best teachers. Because under your instruction, she not only learned how to sing, she also learned how to grow up into a self assured and confident young lady. You have been instrumental in her development in so many ways.” 

Mother of a former High School student


At what age should someone begin voice lessons?

Age twelve is considered a good starting age for girls and age fourteen for boy --or after their voice has changed. 

Maggi doesn’t teach younger children because their young muscles aren’t ready to be developed nor are they often mature enough for vigorous vocal training. 

These children, who love to sing, should be encouraged to sing in school and church chorus, musical shows and also to learn an instrument to build their musicianship skills.


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